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About Us

Who we are
FREYAH SOURCING is a multilingual, multinational team of professionals who specialize in sourcing quality products from the most reputable and ethical factories in Asia. We offer unique, flexible and accessible sourcing solutions for your business. We believe in the value of diversity, precision and creativity and currently employ staff speaking English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Company values

At FREYAH we want our work to have a positive effect, not only on our clients and their products but everyone that we work with and the community. Not only do we strive to be your number one choice for sourcing out of Asia; we also want to be your number one ethically responsible supplier. We perform a careful assessment of all partner factories, and refuse to work with suppliers that don’t have certified quality standards in place.




在弗莱亚,我们希望我们的工作能产生积极的影响。不仅仅是对我们的客户和他们的产品,更是对每一个和我们合作的人以及我们所生活的这个世界。我们不仅会竭尽全力成为您在亚洲采购的首选,我们更想要成为您心中最负责任可靠的供应商。 对于跟我们合作的工厂,我们都有严格的评估流程。我们拒绝与没有质量标准认证的工厂合作。


Collective Creation
Here at FREYAH, we take the sourcing process farther by creating a personalized product better suited for your needs. In this partnership we combine your knowledge and FREYAH’s design, production & product presentation insight to create a powerful solution. Our creative team offers a range of design services to support the development of your products.

        产业设计         -     平面设计       -       包装设计
设计: 集体创意
我们可以将采购过程变成一种为您量身打造的个性化产品。在这样的合作过程中,我们将您的要求与弗莱亚的设计、生产和产品展示结合起来 ,共同创造一个有力的方案。我们的创意团队将提供一系列设计服务来支持您产品的开发。

A world of opportunities
Our presence in Asia empowers us to identify new products & the most reputable and efficient suppliers in the region. We think & act globally when it comes to our customers, so we are willing to cross any border to find the right product at the right price.

Global Sourcing      -      Factory Visits      -      Sampling & Testing
全球采购      -     验收工厂   -      采样和测试



Sampling & Proofing
A design can only be improved by testing the actual product. Sampling & proofing help us identify potential improvements. Production really starts only after we make sure the first manufactured products meet all your requirements. Production shouldn’t be about surprises, the proofing & sampling along with constant communication with our suppliers ensures that your final product matches or exceeds your expectations.

(Mass) Production

At FREYAH, we continually strive to develop our factory relationships and knowledge of production to guarantee we always offer the best and most cost-effective production solutions to our customers. Depending on your requirements our manufacturing solutions are flexible, both in terms of fully automated and semi-automated processes.





Safety & Value
At FREYAH quality control is not only a post-production process. We check your production output on a regular basis, avoiding last minute issues and thus meeting scheduled delivery times. Our quality control system emphasizes a hands-on approach. Our quality inspectors will be on-site during production, monitoring and correcting any mistakes. We are passionate about quality and safety and in order to maintain these levels of standards we have formed close partnerships with globally leading testing and quality assurance companies.



Anywhere, Anytime

We organize and manage a range of international delivery options to meet all of our clients’ needs. For small sample packages we work closely with most major logistics companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT. For larger logistic arrangements we work with companies specialized in each region of the world, always ensuring the most cost-effective and on-time delivery.

物流:任何时间, 任何地点



How can we help
We are your eyes in Asia. We act on your behalf to guarantee that all your requirements are covered and executed as efficiently as possible. To ensure the smoothest process and highest quality product is delivered on time, we offer a full range package solution. As each project has specific needs, any combination of our services is also available to suit your requirements.


contact us

50 Moganshan Rd. Bldg. 7B, Rm 302
Putuo District, Shanghai 200060


Room A, 6/F., Success Commercial Building,
245-251 Hennessy Road, Wan chai, Hong Kong

PHONE: +86 13918004604
E-MAIL: info@freyahsourcing.com
SKYPE: FreyahSourcing
NEW BUSINESS: maria@freyahsourcing.com
CAREER ENQUIRES: hr@freyahsourcing.com

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